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Pick & Mix 500g (5 x 100g Bags) Y

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Pick & Mix 500g (5 x 100g Bags) 

All Bags Will Be Packed In 100g Bags & Heat Sealed For Freshness. Wowzie Is A Shop With A Full Food Hygiene Certificate.

Retail Bags Will Not Be Packed In 100g Bags

Please Choose 5 Bags From The List Below And Email Us @ With Which Bags You Would Like.

Chocolate Footballs
Chocolate Mini Eggs
Chocolate Nibbles
Fudge Crunch
Icy Cups
Vanilla Fudge
Acid Drops
Army & Navy
Barley Sugars
Brandy Balls
Cinnamon Balls
Clove Rock
Cola Pips
Fruit Rock
Horehound Rock
Irn Bru Fizz
Irn Bru Humbugs
Kola Cubes
Large Pan Drops
Medium Pan Drops
Mega Sour Apples
Mega Sour Raspberries
​​​​​​​Raspberry Fizz
Rosey Apples
Saltire Rock
Sherbet Lemons
Sherbet Pips
Sherbet Strawberries
Sherbet Straws
Small Pear Drops
Large Pear Drops
Soor Plooms
Sweet Peanuts
Throat & Chest
Watermelon Fizz Balls
Assorted Toffee's & Chocolate Eclairs
​​​​​​​Chocolate Russian Caramels
Clarnico Mint Creams
Jamesons Caramels
Jamesons Raspberry Ruffles
Small Lucky Tatties
Rich Treacle Toffees
Tea Cakes
Blue Raspebrry Astro Belts
Cherry Lips
Edinburgh Rock
Floral Gums
Irn Bru Bonbons
​​​​​​​Irn Bru Creams
Sports Mixture
Midget Gems
Liquorice Gums
Rose Creams
​​​​​​​Summer Creams
Toffee Crumble
Vimto Bonbons
​​​​​​​Violet Creams